Blockchain in the Energy Sector

    Dates: 11 March, 9:00 – 17:15
    Blockchain in the energy sector

    Blockchain in the Energy Sector

    Ermis HRDA Code 284855

    Renewable energy has been a key research topic in the field of global environmental governance. In this context, new technical innovations seek to overcome the challenges arising from the unstable and dispersed production of renewable energy and the lack of storage capacity.

    The multi-enterprise project is about providing knowledge to companies involved in energy, renewable energy and savings to understand Blockchain, a technology using cryptography that has gained prominence as an integral part of increasingly decentralised and digitised energy infrastructures. Blockchain technology has the potential to bring significant benefits to the energy sector, particularly in the context of renewable energy and sustainability.

    The combined technology of Blockchain and energy can be very useful for those interested in understanding how these two technologies can be combined to create innovative solutions in the energy sector.

    If you are a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, environmental engineer, energy and climate expert, sustainable mobility expert, environmental chemist, sustainability expert, consultant, technician, researcher, or any other professional keen on gaining knowledge on the topic of GHG emissions, join us on this educational seminar and benefit:

    At knowledge level: – Name the existing Blockchain platforms and the basic concepts – Describe the elements of Blockchain.

    At skill level: – select Blockchain type & Blockchain architecture – map energy management using Blockchain technology.

    At attitudinal level: participate in the design of applications that leverage smart contracts for energy management – evaluate research and development projects that combine Blockchain and energy.

    The seminar is certified by Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA).

    Event Details

    - Basic concepts and functions of blockchain.
    - Difference between public and private Blockchain.
    - Smart contracts and how they work.

    - Energy management, renewable energy, smart metering, energy markets using Blockchain technology.
    - Detection and prevention of fraud in energy distribution.
    - Energy markets based on Blockchain.

    - Research and development projects combining Blockchain and energy.
    - Applications using smart contracts for energy management.

    - Legislation related to the energy sector and Blockchain.
    - Data protection and privacy in Blockchain energy applications.

    - Trends and developments in the combined technology of Blockchain and energy.
    - Potential opportunities and challenges.

    - Development of smart contracts for energy management e.g. in electrification

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