Circular Economy in Business

    Dates: 11 & 12 October, 9:00 – 16:00

    Circular Economy in Business

    In the last decade, the need to transition our economy to a more circular model has become necessity, not only because of the increasingly demanding and strict legislative framework, but also because of the obvious effects of the existing linear economic model on the environment, society, and economy. The seminar was designed to provide trainees with the necessary knowledge on the basic principles of the circular economy, existing legislation, as well as new legislative developments, on the need to transition from a linear to a circular economy, and the benefits of implementing a circular economy , the effective utilization of resources, the increase in the efficiency of the use of resources and the transition to a circular operating model of a business, identifying the environmental and economic benefits. Beyond providing the theoretical knowledge, it promotes the cultivation of a sustainability mindset and an ecologically responsible attitude of citizens outside the classrooms.
    If you are managerial staff, sustainability officers, corporate social responsibility officers, business executives dealing with environmental issues, energy and climate expert, sustainable mobility expert, consultant., or any other professional keen on gaining knowledge on the topic of Circular Economy, join us on this educational seminar and benefit:
    • At knowledge level: describes circular practices, basic characteristics and values of materials, as waste and how it is managed
    • At skill level: selects opportunities to apply the basic principles of the circular economy to a supply chain.
    • At attitude level: performs an assessment of the linearity and circularity of various products and services and participates in the assessment of his company’s solutions towards a circular economy

    The seminar is certified by Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA).

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    • basic principles CE
    • legislative framework
    • economic opportunity

    • circular practices
    • value of materials

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