Green and Sustainable Conference #2

    Dates: 18 January, 8:30 – 14:30
    Sustainable Finance Conference

    Green and Sustainable Conference #2

    Current patterns of energy and natural resource use, require urgent remediation. These patterns contribute to climate crisis, depletion of natural resources and therefore reduced economic growth.

    Green and Sustainable finance plays a fundamental role in promoting the transition to a carbon neutral and sustainable Europe. The finance sector internationally must adopt new economic models, so that climate change and environmental degradation are defeated. The overall aim is to ensure economic growth and business recovery whilst considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.

    The European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Strategy aligns with the European Green Deal. The two are interrelated given that in order to achieve the objectives of the Green Deal, large financial flows are required in sustainable investments. These investments should be directed towards the development of green projects and technologies with low carbon footprints and the preservation of the natural environment (e.g., installations of renewable energy sources, alternative fuel projects, etc.).

    In this context, the “Green and Sustainable Finance #2 conference”, aims to highlight the enormous power that lies in the financial sector through funding and raises awareness to issues of sustainability. In achieving this, a wealth of experts on the subject will be there to share their knowledge and to discuss this essential economic transition. The conference will host a panel of experts from both the private and public sector, from Cyprus and abroad, which are closely related to this field.

    The conference is supported by the British High Commission in Nicosia, and it is organised by ideopsis Ltd and Grand Thornton (Cyprus) Ltd


    Event Details
    British High Commissioner to Cyprus
    Deputy Head
    Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus
    Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of Finance
    Manager Investor Relations & ESG
    Bank of Cyprus
    Associate Professor of Finance
    University of Limassol (UoL)
    Director General
    Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation
    King’s Centre for Climate Law & Governance
    Director of Operations of the PCAF Secretariat and Associate Director at Guidehouse
    PCAF / Guidehouse
    Senior Legal Advisor
    Costas P. Demetriades LLC
    Wincono Ltd | Future Fuels Ltd
    Head of Certification
    Climate Bonds Initiative
    Department of Business and Public Administration, University of Cyprus
    Director Sapienta Economics
    Head Sustainability & ESG Services
    Grant Thornton Luxembourg

    Opening remarks, HE British High Commissioner to Cyprus, Irfan Siddiq
    Opening speech, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance, George Panteli

    Raising Ambition through Regulation: The Role of Law for Realising Net Zero Imperatives, Prof. Megan Bowman, Director of Centre for Climate Law & Governance, King's College London - presentation (PDF)
    Sustainable Finance Ecosystem: the case of Luxembourg, Fani Xylouri, Head Sustainability & ESG Services, Grant Thornton Luxembourg - presentation (PDF)
    The European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Strategy, Nikos Isaris, Deputy Head, Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus - presentation (PDF)
    Green Carrots & Sticks – How Should Business Respond to the Proliferation of Environmental Policies, Prof. George Kassinis, Department of Business and Public Administration, University of Cyprus - presentation (PDF)
    Sustainable finance and the role of standards in enhancing policy, Athina Panayiotou, Director General, Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation - presentation (PDF)

    Panel Discussion (Q&A)
    Moderator: Constandinos Tsindas, Journalist at ΡΙΚ (CyBC)

    Financing Credible Transitions, Marina Strovolidou, Head of Certification, Climate Bonds Initiative - presentation (PDF)
    The role of the Banking Sector in Green Transition, Annita Pavlou, Manager Investor Relations & ESG, Bank of Cyprus - presentation (PDF)
    Challenges in financing green energy projects in Cyprus, Makis Ketonis, Ketonis Developments Ltd / Future Fuels Ltd
    GHG accounting as the starting point in financing towards net zero, Madeline Schneider, Director of Operations of the PCAF Secretariat and Associate Director at Guidehouse - presentation (PDF)
    Project Financing in the Renewable Energy Sector, Panayiotis Demetriades, Senior Legal Advisor, Costas P. Demetriades LLC, Member of the Cyprus Bar Association - presentation (PDF)

    Panel Discussion (Q&A)
    Moderator: Olga Kandinskaia, Associate Professor of Finance, University of Limassol (UoL)

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